It’s iPhone 11 announce day! Today, the main things we are expecting are three models of iPhones. Their precise names are still up in the air, but iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max all seem like the most likely candidates. Their most important new feature will probably be their camera system.

Beyond that, the Apple Watch seems likely, we might get those Apple Tag location trackers, and maybe even a revision of the Apple TV hardware. Who knows, there could be more, but the stuff we’ve already mentioned is more than enough for one event.

It all kicks off at 10AM PT / 1PM ET, and we hope you’ll follow the event with us in the live blog.

We’re racing off to get photos and videos from hands-on, see you on the Verge dot com!

9/10/2019, 11:39:52 PM
9/10/2019, 11:39:38 PM

And it sounds like we’re done!

9/10/2019, 11:39:21 PM

Cook is back. He is very proud of the retail team.

9/10/2019, 11:39:05 PM
9/10/2019, 11:38:59 PM

Wow, Fifth Avenue store interior looks so much better.

9/10/2019, 11:38:47 PM

Apple Fifth Avenue store in NYC reopening on September 20th along with new iPhones.

9/10/2019, 11:38:24 PM
9/10/2019, 11:38:22 PM

New iPhones start at $399, $599, $699 with trade-ins, with lower monthly prices. (This is also how carrier deals work, of course.)

9/10/2019, 11:37:55 PM

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